Lung & Upper Airway Ultrasound Course

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83 students

Welcome to the on-demand e-course on Neonatal Lung Ultrasound

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By taking this course you will:

  • Understand the basic physics of ultrasound
  • Be able to interpret different ultrasound artifacts and the typical 4 LUS patterns.
  • Be able to assess lung aeration severity score by lung ultrasound.
  • Be able to differentiate lung ultrasound patterns in RDS, TTN, consolidation, atelectasis, and pneumothorax.
  • Be able to perform basic lung ultrasound techniques.

Course Directors:

Dr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab
Dr. Yasser Elsayed
Dr. Adel Mohamed

Course Faculties:

Dr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab
Dr. Yasser Elsayed
Dr. Adel Mohamed
Prof. Daniele De Luca
Dr. Sibasis Daspal
Dr. Aimann Surak
Dr. Deepak louis
Dr. Asem Lashin
Dr. Deima Al Ammary
Mrs. Shere Gigolyk

About the Instructor


POCUSNEO Canada is a non-profit organization established in 2018 and was founded by Canadian Neonatologists Dr. Muzafar Gani Abdul Wahab from McMaster University and Dr. Yasser Elsayed from the University of Manitoba in collaboration with more than sixty world-renowned faculties in this field. Our main goal is to deliver physiology oriented educational sessions and one to one hands-on training sessions with an integrated approach. We developed innovative educational tools such as interactive e-books, clinical decision support system (CDSS) software, remote interactive teaching modules in addition to workshops, webinars to best practice Neonatal physiology oriented practice…

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