Who We Are

A group of neonatology experts in point of care techniques joined together as an international society based in Canada and willing to share our experience and knowledge with our colleagues all over the world.

What We Do


  • To propagate advanced physiologic based neonatal practice and a targeted formulated medical recommendation.
  • To help Neonatal and Pediatric health practitioners all over the world to acquire safe and effective use of point of care techniques and physiology oriented practice
  • Point of care techniques must be used within the clinical context
  • Point of care techniques must be used to answer a specific clinical question that can not be clearly answered by routine clinical examination
  • Point of care ultrasound should not be used as a substitute for routine diagnostic radiological exams performed by professional radiologist or cardiologist.
  • To establish standards of neonatal POCUS training and practice all over the world
  • To have ultrasound and other point of care techniques accessible to all practitioners
  • Knowledge translation of physiology based approach